Try a Virtual Quantum Computer

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Google has made a virtual quantum computer available for use online at

Physicists correct quantum errors

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Cartoon of quantum error correction with three quantum bits. First, the state is encoded in an entangled state of three quantum bits. Then the possible occurrence of errors is detected by comparing the three quantum bits. Finally the error is corrected. Credit: Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM)

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It’s a big month for quantum computing. Earlier today we reported that scientists had sustained a quantum computer for 39 minutes at room temperature instead of having to cool it to near-absolute-zero first, meaning we are that much closer to Ludicrous Speed consumer computers. Now it has come to light that photons can be measured, measured, and measured again–without having to absorb and thus destroy them. The upshot? It’s a big month for quantum computing.

Normally when photons–packets of light such as might be used as inputs in a quantum computer–are measured (detected), you have to do it with a telescope camera or a particle collider. These technologies destroy the photon so you can only detect it once. But as shown in an article published Nov. 5 in Science, we can now detect a photon by reflecting it off a superposed atomic nucleus.

A superposed atomic nucleus is one that has been induced (through magnets or some other force) to exist in two energy states at the same time. It is either spinning both “up” and “down”, or–in the case of the demonstration discussed in this article–in two different energy configurations at the same time. Briefly and crudely speaking, that’s like saying a particular piece of fruit is both an apple and an orange at the same time.

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So these findings, published in this week’s Science, are pretty impressive: at -452F, the researchers were able to create qubits from a novel material that survived for three hours. More importantly, they were able to bring them to room temperature for 39 minutes without destroying their quantum state. Since all the qubits were in the same quantum state, they couldn’t be used for computing — a functional quantum computer would operate based on different states between qubits. But this is a huge step toward making quantum computing a reality, and not just a shockingly cold one.

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Google’s video introducing Quantum Computing

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The Amplituhedron

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A new geometric object, the amplituhedron, forms the basis for a new way of mapping quantum probabilities using simple formulae to calculate volumes of the jewel like object.

Artist’s rendering of the amplituhedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated — the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions.

Please see A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics by Natalie Wolchover for an excellent review of this amazing formulation that massively reduces the complexity of quantum calculations.

Checking a Quantum Computer

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How does one verify whether a QC is actually doing what it’s claimed to do when one is not allowed to look inside? A new proposal is described as “the Bell test on steroids” (named after Bell’s Theorem).

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QC vs. Cryptography

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Here’s a good video about the D-Wave and it’s disruptive potential.

It seems every other day (ok, week…) Quantum Mechanics is found to be ‘active’ at greater and more diverse ways. Originally we could only discern the strange behaviour at the sub-atomic scale, then came the atomic scale, then in the behaviour of molecules. Now researchers at MIT are seeing it in Fluid Dynamics.

How long will it be before we finally wake up and smell the coffee? Reality IS quantum. It’s ALL spiritual. We don’t need no stinking parallel universes! Just accept it – reality does not simply exist. It is produced, created if you will, on the fly. Once we Patriarchical, order based bunch of realists can remove our fingers and accept this, then we can finally get down to the business of trying to figure out how the system pulls off this wonderful magical act.

Until then we will have to continue listening to dumb-assed explanations of how the entire universe splits into two anytime any electron or any thing anywhere so much as does even the tiniest little thing. Wanna emit a photon? Ok, no problem…. new universe!!! What a joke.

Here’s an article on MIT’s research.

Quantum Storage Breakthrough

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One of the biggest impediments to developing practical quantum computing is preserving information. That’s because unlike a regular bit on the computer you’re reading, which can either exist as either a 1 or a 0, a quantum bit (“qubit”) can exist in a quantum superposition – meaning it exists simultaneously in all of its possible states until it’s observed. As a result, information stored as qubits has a tendency to develop errors and degrade in fractions of a second.

Scientists in the field of quantum computing have been working for years to find a method to correct the errors in quantum data storage, allowing that information to exist for longer periods of time. And now a team of researchers from Dartmouth and the University of Sydney have developed a method that may allow for quantum information to be stored for long periods of time while keeping the error rate low.

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